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Title: Treat Me Like An Old Habit, And I'll Be Just As Hard To Break
Pairing: Ryan Malone/Vincent Lecavalier, mentions of past Ryan Malone/Mike Smith
Summary: Ryan has control issues. Vince has Ryan issues.
Author's Notes at entry.


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Title: All That You Can't Leave Behind
Pairings: Michael Del Zotto/Steven Stamkos, Henrik Lundqvist/Brad Richards, Ryan Callahan/Daniel Girardi, Vincent Lecavalier/Simon Gagne, Vincent Lecavalier/Ryan Malone
Summary: Whether it's a place, a person, or a sense of duty, there's some things you just can't leave behind.
Author's Notes: This is a collection of prompt fills, from when I asked for prompts a little while back. Thanks to everyone that gave me one, and as always, stories not true. Title taken from the U2 album.


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Title Catch Me As I Fall
Pairing Vincent Lecavalier/Simon Gagne, past Vincent Lecavalier/Brad Richards
Summary This truth drives me into madness I know I can stop the pain, if I will it all away.
Author's Notes Last chapter to the  Shattered 'Verse. Tons of thanks to [livejournal.com profile] blueabsinthe, for being my enabler-beta-helper-practical co-author. As mentioned earlier in the series, this all takes place during the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs, which Simon wasn't playing in due to a concussion and Vince wasn't playing in because the Lightning missed the playoffs. Takes place about a week after  You're The One That Cries When You're Alone. Written in first person from Vince's POV. Thanks to everyone that's been reading this all along, and I hope it's an ending you all are happy with. Title, cut, summary and lyrics at beginning of story from "Whisper" by Evanescene, lyrics at end of story from "Swimming Home" by Evanescence.

Catch Me As I Fall
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Title: You're The One Who Cries When You're Alone
Pairing: Simon Gagne/Vincent Lecavalier (sort of), implied past Brad Richards/Vincent Lecavalier, implied past Simon Gagne/Karine Gagne
Summary: You think that I can't see right through your eyes, scared to death to face reality. No one seems to hear your hidden cries, you're left to face yourself alone.
Author's Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] blueabsinthe, for putting up with me and my neurosis. And for anyone who is still reading this series, 8 chapters later, you guys are truly the best. Part of the  'Shattered' series. As with the rest, told in first person, but this time from Gagne's POV. Takes place right where  Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray left off, with the two of them sitting on the floor and picking up the photos. Title, Cut and Summary taken from "Where Will You Go" by Evanescence. Hope you enjoy!

But where will you go, with no one left to save you from yourself?

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Title: Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray
Pairings: Past Vincent Lecavalier/Brad Richards, Current Vincent Lecavalier/Simon Gagne (you know, if you kinda squint really hard and look sideways)
Rating: Not dirty, pretty angsty. Past character death, and light descriptions of how it happened.
Summary: Holding together by the shards of our past. Stole my heart away, I can't let you go. Break these chains and let me fly to you.
Author's Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] blueabsinthe, who pretty much did everything but write this for me, thanks! Another part to my  shattered series. Told in first person, from Vinny's pov. Cut, Summary and Lyrics at beginning of the story are from "The Other Side" by Evanescence. Title from the Seether album of the same name. Thanks and enjoy!


Taunted by the shadows of your lie


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Title: The only world I've ever known sleeps beneath the waves
Pairing: Simon Gagne/Vincent Lecavalier (kinda?)
Rating: Nothing. Barely. Descriptions of past character death.
Summary: Everything is so dark, and I know there's something wrong, but I can't turn the light on.
Author's Notes:  Part of the 
shattered verse. Wasn't the last chapter of that 'verse supposed to be like...three stories ago? Anyways, told in first person from Vinny's point of view. Takes place immediately after Vinny calls out to Simon in In My Field Of Paper Flowers. Title, cut, summary, and lyrics at the beginning and end of story are from "Never Go Back" by Evanescence. For [livejournal.com profile] blueabsinthe Thanks and enjoy!

I can still see your face, where it's burned into my mind. I die every time I close my eyes, you're always there.

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Title: In My Field Of Paper Flowers...
Pairing:  Simon Gagne/Vincent Lecavalier (sort of?)
Summary: Don`t say I`m out of touch with this rampant chaos, your reality.
Author's Notes:  Unapologetically short story in my shattered 'verse. This is a little side story, told from Gagne's point of view. Takes place after All That I'm Living For, All That I'm Dying For. Title, cut, summary and lyrics at beginning of story are from "Imaginary" by Evanescence. Thanks and enjoy!

Swallowed up in the sound of my screaming...

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Title: All That I'm Living For, All That I'm Dying For
Pairing: Implied Vincent Lecavalier/Brad Richards, slight Vincent Lecavalier/Simon Gagne
Rating: angst. Mentions of prior character death. Mentions of assumed character infidelity. The main relationship in this is mostly friendship, with twinges of romance around the edges. Because that's how I do.
Summary: Should it hurt to to love you? Should I feel like I do? Should I lock the last open door? My ghosts are gaining on me.
Author's Notes: Told from Vinny's pov. Follow up to This Fragile World Is Tearing Apart At The Seams. Last planned chapter in my shattered series. I purposefully left the ending in a way where it could be added to, or it could stand alone. Few quick things: Simon Gagne played for the Lightning during the 2010-2011 season. Every broadcast I watched, they felt the need to mention that Gagne and Vinny were friends from awhile back, and had been friends for awhile. He's suffered through many concussions and neck problems through out his career, and unfortunately suffered another one in December 2011 when he played for the Kings. It kept him out until the last round of the playoffs (I think). And...he's fucking gorgeous. It wasn't directly addressed, but I think it was alluded to that this story takes place during this year's playoffs. Title, Summery, Cut, and lyrics at the beginning of the story are from "All That I'm Living For" by Evanescence. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!

All That I Can't Ignore Alone At Night

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Title: This Fragile World Is Tearing Apart At The Seams
Pairing: Brad Richards/Vincent Lecavalier
Rating: pure angst.
Summery: The water's rising around us, and there is no other way down.
Author's Notes: Takes place immediately where Rain Clouds Come To Play, Again... left off. Part of my "Shattered 'Verse", and told from Vinny's point of view. Title, Summery, and cut taken from 'Erase This' by Evanescence. Thanks and hope you enjoy!
(yes, there's more coming)

'Cause I cannot erase this lie

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Title: Rain Clouds Come To Play, Again...
Pairing: Brad Richards/Vincent Lecavalier (implied) 
Rating: Like nothing, because nothing really happens. Although, this story deals with the death of a major character that happened in another story, so...
Author's Note: Story takes place where "Shattered" left off. This is another part to what I'm going to end up calling my "Shattered 'Verse". It all started with  Here I Lay, Just Like Always and continued with Between Two Lungs (wonderfully written by [livejournal.com profile] blueabsinthe ) and  Shattered. Most of the dialog, along with the title, was taken from Evanescence's "Hello".  Song with lyrics here. I think you should listen to the song, it's really beautiful, although sad. This isn't my usual, as in..I don't usually write about my boys talking to people that aren't really there...but whatever. Written in first person from Vinny's point of view. And yes, there will be more, because my brain is stupid. Thanks and enjoy!

Rain Clouds Come To Play, Again...

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Title: Texts From The Offseason
Pairing: Steven Stamkos/Steve Downie, Mike Smith/Ryan Malone, Teddy Purcell/Nate Thompson, Vincent Lecavalier/Brad Richards
Summery: Exactly what the title says.
Author's Note: This isn't like the usual fics, it's a fic told in a totally different way. I stole the idea from [livejournal.com profile] mizzougirl3 who did it first. Hope you enjoy my experiment!

Texts From The Offseason
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Title: Happy Anniversary
Pairing/Rating: Vincent Lecavalier/Brad Richards
Summery: Not your traditional kind of anniversary....
Author's Note: So, as I sat here on the night that (I thought for sure at the time) the Stanley Cup was going to be awarded, and the eve of the 8 year anniversary of the 2004 Stanley Cup win by the Tampa Bay Lightning, I got a bit depressed and nostalgic. And it made me feel like writing something. And this just made perfect damn sense. Yes, I know I've already done the phone sex thing. Just go with it. Obviously, this doesn't tie into my other Vinny/Brad at all. I should be doing tons of other things right now. I should be writing Teddy/Nate/Matt. I should be studying for my registry. I'm a depressed girl without my Bolts, allow me my vice. Thanks =) 

Happy Anniversary


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Title: Shattered
Pairing: Vincent Lacavalier/Brad Richards
Summery: Everything you have can slip through your fingers in a New York minute.
Author's Note: So, I recently wrote Here I Lay, Just Like Always and I purposefully left the ending open and asked for help finishing it. Well, [livejournal.com profile] blueabsinthe wrote Between Two Lungs and did an absolutely wonderful job of picking up where I left off.
But then I felt the need to pick it up again. Written from Vinny's POV. Essentially, it's his reaction to the news about Brad.
This is very short, (not at all) sweet, and to the point.



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Title: Here I Lay, Just Like Always
Pairing: Vincent Lacavalier/Brad Richards
Rating: R (For implied depression and implied suicidal intentions)
it's not that bad, but it ain't fluffy, either.
Summery: Your mind can concoct anything, if you want it bad enough.The connection shared by some is sometimes something not of this world....
Author's Note: Written in first person, from Vinny's pov.
Title, Lyrics, and entire idea for this fic came from the Deftones song "Passenger". Every time I hear this song , I can't help but picture someone driving down an abandoned road with an other worldly passenger in tow. The idea evolved until I was obsessed with somehow using it in one of my fics. I finally did it, integrating some of the song lyrics into the story. I've always told myself that I'd never do Vinny/Brad, not because I don't like it, because Lord knows I do, but only because there's so much of it already out there and I didn't think I'd be any good at it. But when I picture this, I can't picture it with anyone other than them. The ending was purposefully left open....anyone that wants to pick up where I left off, just let me know! This was written very fast in one night so......enjoy!


I'm your passenger

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Title: Observations.
Summery: Fluff. Bromance/Romance. Could be interpreted either way. About the things you observe when you're stuck on a tough plane ride home. Takes place after Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals of 2011 and written from the Point of View of Simon Gagne.

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Title: afraid of standing still
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sherlockelly
Pairing: Dany Heatley/OMC ; appearances by everyone
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Real people, fake story.
Word Count: 25,795

Summary: Dany Heatley continues to drift violently away from the idea of the man he had wanted to be.

Author's Note: Written for [livejournal.com profile] reallybigsticks. Thanks infinitely to [livejournal.com profile] revuko for her feedback and input, even though she has been crazy busy. This is me experimenting with a nonlinear timeline and believe me, it was incredibly frustrating but I tried my best to date and place everything so it would flow while not flowing. If I said all I needed to say right here, it might be longer than the story so the rest of my notes, research, inspiration and frustration can be found here.

'be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still'

afraid of standing still
one . two . three . four . notes

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Title: More Than Just Friends
Characters: Brad Richards and Vincent Lecavalier
Rating: PG- PG-13
Disclaimer: I found this table somewhere else, and I can't remember where, so I'm not taking credit for the words.  This is a fake story.  I don't own any of this.

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Title: Showers, Kisses, and Cuddles

Characters: Martin St. Louis and Vinny Lecavalier (Martin's POV)

Rating: PG-13/NC-17

Disclaimer: I don't own anything written.


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Written by: [livejournal.com profile] lady_lilith.

Title: How Can I Sleep Alone?
Fandom: NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning.
Characters: Vincent Lecavalier.
Word Count: 746.
Rating: G.
Summary: Vinny doesn't know what to do with himself.
Author's Notes: This is set on February 26, 2008. Brad Richards had just been traded to the Dallas Stars. I didn't start crying until I started writing this.

( How Can I Sleep Alone? )
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Title: List
Pairing: Brad Richards, Vincent Lecavalier
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not real.

Said you’d beat me up, you were bigger than me
You never did, you never did

... )


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