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title: Engage
author: [livejournal.com profile] mardia
rating: R/NC-17
pairing: Cam Ward/Eric Staal
word count: 1,506
summary: This latest stuff is pretty weird, even by Cam's standards. (I can't decide whether this is fluff or crack, so consider yourself warned.)
disclaimer: All lies. Takes place in a vague future where the lockout ends early enough to give us an actual season.

Read either on LJ or on the AO3.
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title: always gets in the way
author: [livejournal.com profile] mardia
rating: PG-13
word count: ~3,350
characters: Cam Ward, always-a-girl!Eric Staal
summary: Once Cam and Erica emerge from their post-Cup hangover, that's when the Hurricanes and the NHL start their media blitz.
disclaimer: All lies, please don’t sue.

Can be read either on the AO3 or on LJ.
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title: Get A Ride
author: [livejournal.com profile] mardia
rating: NC-17
pairing: always-a-girl!Eric Staal/always-a-girl!Jeff Skinner
word count: ~2,000
summary: Jess turns her head and says, with a little dazed giggle, "Hey. We actually fogged up the windows."

You can read it at either the AO3 or on LJ.
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title: Drinking You In
rating: NC-17
pairing: Cam Ward/Eric Staal
word count: ~2,000
summary:Cam's not sure which one of them gets the brilliant idea to switch from drinking beer to taking shots, but by the second shot they take, Cam's all for it. (Somewhat angsty prequel to this commentfic that I co-wrote with impertinence.)

You can read it either on LJ or at the AO3.
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I wrote two ficlets recently, so I thought I'd link them here.

title: damned if I don't want to kiss you, hard
rating: NC-17
pairing: Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane
summary: "Shut," Johnny grits out, "--the fuck up."

Read it at the AO3 or on LJ.

title: Tradition
rating: G
characters: girl!Eric Staal, Cam Ward
summary: It's right before the 2006 playoffs, and Erica’s got a tiny problem on her hands. (Companion piece to Five Hockey Players Erica Staal Never Dated.)

Read it at the AO3 or on LJ.
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title: Five Hockey Players Erica Staal Never Dated
rating: PG-13
word count: ~6,750
summary: AU genderswap, where Erica Staal ends up becoming the first female captain in the NHL. Really, the title basically is the fic.
disclaimer: All lies, if the AU bit didn't tip you off.

Read it at LJ or the AO3.
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title: Miracles in Hockey
Tom Barrasso/Ron Francis
part: Brass Bonanza (III): it's a push-shove world but there's always a chance...
rated: NC-17
time: February-March, 1984
disclaimer: Written from inside my head; last I checked that and the "real world" where "actual facts" occur were two separate places. 
dedication: to [livejournal.com profile] nofaves , because she says this part's her favorite...merci.
prior to this: (I) (II)
feedback: yes please.  and 2012 and beyond is fine.
summary: post coitum omne animalium triste est: (after sex, all animals are sad).  dates on the calendar.
...if the hunger stays the night. )
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title: Miracles in Hockey
involves: Tom Barrasso/Ron Francis
part: Brass Bonanza (II): you work all your life for that moment in time; it could come or...
rated: NC-17
time: ~February 19, 1984 (It may be getting after midnight by now...)

notes: The title is from Tommy's own mouth, in this video where the Hurricanes asked Americans about the effect of the Miracle on Ice (at Lake Placid at the 1980 Winter Olympics) which took place 30 years ago today [plus 10 days].  His smile-and-answer-from-nowhere is almost as much of a miracle.  ("When it comes to hockey, absolutely.")

summary: "It's not that hard if you're ready.  And I think I'm ready." -- Tom Barrasso, "No Keeping Him From His Goal", Sports Ilustrated, 10.31.1983  (fast times at olympic highs, 2.19.1984)

prior to this: (I) is here

dedication in perpetuity: to [livejournal.com profile] nofaves , for being there as audience and consultant and suggestioner and sounding board -- and everything else.  Une amie merveilleuse!

disclaimer: OH ST. RONNIE FRANCIS I'm sorry!!!...well, not really.  ;D  Seeing as how I was an infant at this particular date, and given the extremely likely possibility that Barrasso would kill me for writing this in the first place, and then again for not verifying if it WAS (lol), there is no WAY I would claim to know the extent of the truth.  in anything.  Tommy, I'm not saying you actually did this.

feedback: is still very much greatly, incredibly, thankfully and (somewhat) humbly appreciated.  Even in two years.

Hockey talk. ...Sorry I didn't go to Sarajevo??!?!? )
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title: Miracles in Hockey
involves: Tom Barrasso/Ron Francis
part: Brass Bonanza (I): turn me loose, the boy wonders
rated: hard R for this part
time: February 19, 1984 (Hartford at Buffalo, Sabres win 5-2)

disclaimer: Historical.  Fiction.  Some of the things that happen/occur/are said are true, and most some are not.  See if you can guess what's what.

dedication: to [livejournal.com profile] nofaves , who's supported this at appropriately epic levels of friendship. je te remercie!

a little history: No, they don't play for your team. Yes, they're old. )

Tommy would be: Unique. One singular sensation the only goalie who's ever gone straight from playing high school hockey to the NHL.  Nobody's done it before; nobody's done it since. Nobody's that insane.  Somehow, because you couldn't convince him that he couldn't do it instead of becoming the first Jim Carey (and despite being his own worst enemy), he managed to have a fairly decent career.

He's not your typical 18-year old, shall we say. )

title to be explained next time!
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100-word drabble. Posted some time back at [livejournal.com profile] shortandhard, so I apologize if you're, uh...seeing it twice. :)

title: Second Sight
involves: Ron Francis (newest member of the coaching staff on the left. the one who's not Paul Maurice)/Tom Barrasso (head goalie overlord, 'Canes organization, circa 1983 )
rating: PG
disclaimer: Coach Franchise may know whether this is true, because I DON'T.
summary: Tommy's smile is older. That's why it predeceased him.

Ronnie looks back, looks through, and looks forward to see what he wants. )
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title: "Ulysses"
involves: Tom Barrasso/Ron Francis
rating: Um. ...reader's choice?
time: 2008
disclaimer: Yes, the Carolina Hurricanes have a ludicrously sexy talented and humble hockey god posing as their assistant general manager, and yes, they hired some guy who has never in his life not taken anything seriously who's starting his first full season as the goaltending coach. But I have no idea what either of them do in their free time. All rights reserved to edit later, per usual.

Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina when it's pitch-black and hockey hasn't yet started. )
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A/N: first story posted to livejournal/first hockey fic, so be nice to me. i was feeling particularly angsty and guilty writing this, but i like to think it only helps the story. i'm pretty sure i got the ages right. you're free to wrinkle your nose at the screen if i haven't.
Pairing: Eric/Jordan Staal (Carolina Hurricanes/Pittsburgh Penguins)
Rating: R
Warning: Incest.
Disclaimer: Real people, completely fictional, non-profit, don't own, all the good stuff.

The sidewalks are watching me think about you, sparkled with broken glass. )
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Characters: Jordan Staal, Eric Staal, mentions of Marc Staal and Jared Staal
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: This is a fictional story.  I do not own anything written.  None of these events happened (to my knowledge).


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Title: Under the Influence
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Matt Cullen/Aaron Ward (New York Rangers, both formerly of the Carolina Hurricanes)
Word Count: 1787
Author's Notes: Matt and Aaron won the Stanley Cup in June 2006 with the Carolina Hurricanes. During the off season, they were both picked up by the New York Rangers via free agency. This story is set the night of the Stanley Cup win in Rod Brind'amour's home in North Carolina. Mildly inspired by this photograph from the locker room celebration. Nickname Translator: Dougie is Doug Weight, Roddy is Rod Brind'amour.

I actually wrote this story at the beginning of this season, but pulled it out for [livejournal.com profile] cali_diva10, who wondered why there wasn't more fiction about Matt Cullen out there on the interwebs. Why indeed. I swear, I do actually write things that aren't porn. Really. ;) There was no beta on this, so I'm the only one to blame for its suckiness.

( Under the Influence )
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I bring you fic that was originally written for publication in a German ezine. Because, y'know, Köln's got a damn good team, and even better fanbrats. Never fear, you're getting the English translation. *grin*

Title: Dream For Me A Tragedy
Author: Demosthenes Vox[livejournal.com profile] creepy_crawly
Rating: R
Pairing/Characters: Jordan StaalxSidney Crosby (both of the Pittsburgh Penguins), Eric Staal (Carolina Hurricanes)
Warnings: slash, hockey, HIV, cursing, reality
Disclaimer: Oh, how I wish I owned…*sighs*
Wordcount: 3.980
Archive? Wir Träumen von der Welt: An Diesen Modernen Tagen; Träum von Mir Ezine; anywhere else as posted by author
Summary: Before every great love, there are great dreams. After every great love, there are great tragedies.

There is no doubt, in any rational mind, that our children will live to see HIV/AIDS as the great tragedy of their time. It is the great tragedy of ours that they will.
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Title: She
Pairing: Jordan / Eric Staal
Rating: NC-17 for 'cest
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, as such it is not true
Archive: come around for tea
no het, told from the POV of a third character.

She’d woken up; no she’d never really been asleep…
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Title: Brotherly Care, Resentment, and Love (2/3)
Characters: Marc Staal and Jordan Staal, mentioning Eric and Jared
Word Count: 2,454
Rating: PG-13
Fanfic100 Prompt: 002. Middles
Disclaimer: It is true that Marc and Jordan are the middle Staal brothers. And that is all I can say to the validity of this.
A/n: Read Eric's part first. And Jared's part is forthcoming.
There is the tiniest bit of slash mentioned in this fic, so I am counting it...
Summary: Marc is really content and Jordan is very angsty.

( Brotherly Care, Resentment, and Love )
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Title: Brotherly Responsibility, Advice, and Love (1/3)
Characters: Eric Staal, mentioning Marc, Jordan, and Jared Staal (and a few Penguins: Crosby, Armstrong, Fleury)
Word Count: 1235
Rating: G
Fanfic100 Prompt: 001. Beginnings (The Table)
Disclaimer: It is true that Eric is the oldest Staal brother. And that is all I can say to the validity of this. Also, it's not overly slashy, but there are mentions, so I say it counts.
A/n: Will have 2 sequels, and I really hope you can figure out how that will work. ;) Eric wrote his in a very general style, lumping his brothers together for the most part. Takes place generally this summer, after the draft and before the season.
Eric's a little cryptic about his goalie(s?); can easily be taken two ways. I don't even know if I know, completely, what he is trying to tell me...jerk.
Summary: Eric is the oldest and has a lot to say on that subject.

( Brotherly Responsibility, Advice, and Love )


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