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Title: The truth of our passion
Author: [livejournal.com profile] cccccontroversy
Pairing: Christian Ehrhoff/Ryan Miller (Buffalo Sabres)
Rating: Adult
Word count: ~1100
Summary: Miller and Ehrhoff engage in some team building exercises.
A/N: Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] northern_star for the dare, and [livejournal.com profile] silver_spotted for the beta! :D

Read it over here at AO3, or below.

What the ****, man? )
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title: Interrupted 4/?
Author: Elise
team/pairing: Buffalo Sabres - Ryan Miller
warning: porny
author's note: Big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] loblolly. PLEASE can you post more Gordon/Beagle. PLEASE!

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title: Interrupted 3/?
author: Elise
pairing team: Buffalo Sabres, Ryan Miller
warnings: porny
author's note: written from a challenge by [livejournal.com profile] loblolly. May she update the "fucked up" series sooner than later. Go bears.
random fact: Yarrow is a natural pain killer and bug spray.

All of a sudden, arms circled him, and there was yelling
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title: Interrupted 2/?
author: Elise
team/pairing: Buffalo Sabres, Ryan Miller
warnings: overall: porny. this chapter? Angsty.
thanks: To [livejournal.com profile] loblolly for the inspiration.
random fact: today is Dyngus Day. Google it.

He shut his eyes, swaying a bit. They had a game tomorrow, and he really shouldn't be drinking. If Lindy found out, he would be in deep trouble.
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title: Interrupted 1/?
author: Elise
team: Buffalo Sabres
pairing: Ryan Miller
warnings: porny but there IS plot
Author's note: This is for [livejournal.com profile] loblolly. She requested a particular style of Ryan Miller fic. I'm just taking it into a peculiar direction.
random fact: Tim Thomas goes bear hunting with bows and arrows. true. fucking. fact.

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Title: Untitled
Rating: PG-13 for words
Chapter: 2
Pairing: Paul Gaustad/Derek Roy (buffalo Sabres)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the guys in this story. And I’m slightly going off from fic_elise’s story where Brian plays for the Leafs, and that him and Ryan are together. And don’t take Derek’s reactions in this too heart.

Chapter 1



When practice was finally done....... )
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Title: Slashing Penalty (chapters 1-4)
Author: Mark
Characters: Ryan Miller/Paul Gaustad
Rating:G, PG-13, NC-17, R(It depends on the chapter so to just warn you)
Disclaimer: These stories are works of FICTION and DO NOT in any way reflect the real lives, sexual preferences, or personalities of the characters. They do not at any point infer that any of the persons mention is Gay.

Chapter 1 )
Chapter 2 )Chapter 3 )Chapter 4 )
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Title: Sunt Lacrimae Rerum (et mentem mortalia tangunt)
Authors: Z4RF3
Fandom: NHL Buffalo Sabres
Characters: Paul Gaustad/ Ryan Miller
Rating: NC-17 (explicit sex)
Author's Note: Written for Amanda for Christmas in a story exchange.
Word count: 12,633 (I'm so sorry!)
Disclaimer: I do not own them and this is a work of fiction. I am makeing no money in the creation of this.

Sunt Lacrimar Rerum Part 1
Sunt Lacrimar Rerum Part 2
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Title: Vampires: Losing a Chosen
Authors: Dee and Ginny [livejournal.com profile] 2wingsnuts
Team: Detroit Red Wings, Buffalo Sabres
Pairing: Pavel Datsyuk/Henrik Zetterberg/Nicklas Lidstrom/Chris Osgood/Ryan Miller (implied)
Warnings: AU, Vampires, moresome, deathfic
Rating: FRA
Summary: They're losing a chosen, how will the vampires react? (Future fic)
Authors Notes: Because one of us was having a bad day. And the other one couldn't stop crying. So you get this.

A time no vampire likes to see )
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Title: Vampires: Part 4: The Missing Piece
Authors: Dee and Ginny [livejournal.com profile] 2wingsnuts
Team: Detroit Red Wings, Buffalo Sabres
Warnings: RPS, slash, moresome, vampires, explicit sex
Pairing: spoilers )
Rating: FRAO
Summary: Pavel finds the final piece of his soul
Authors Notes: Written last year for Kathie's birthday. This is the final part of the main piece. Our thanks to everyone who's been following along.

It had been so long that Pavel had given up on finding the last part of his soul )
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Title: How Much is that Puppy on the Rink?
Authors: Dee and Ginny [livejournal.com profile] 2wingsnuts
Teams: Detroit Red Wings, Buffalo Sabres
Disclaimer: Real people, werewolves, very not true
Warnings: Slash, threesomes, AU, werewolves, pwp
Pairings: Henrik Zetterberg/Ryan Miller, Henrik Zetterberg/Ryan Miller/Pavel Datsyuk, Brendan Shannahan/Steve Yzerman/Chris Chelios, Kirk Maltby/Kris Draper
Rating: FRAO
Summary: Hank and Ryan finally find what they've been looking for
Authors' Notes: Because he'd make a cute Puppy. And somehow we're not allowed to write just one fic in an AU.

Fic this way )
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Title: Early Morning Visitor
Author: Dee
Rating: PG
Pairing: Henrik (Hank) Zetterberg/Ryan Miller (Detroit Red Wings/Buffalo Sabres)
Disclaimer: None of this is true. It’s only a product of my overactive imagination.
Summary: Ryan gets a early morning surprise.
Author’s notes: Getting the limbs loosened and the muses cracking is not an easy task. But I can see some improvement. Perhaps I’ll be better than crap if I keep going? Hmm…One should never take a year off from writing. Written for the [livejournal.com profile] 13prompts challenge. Prompt: Early Mornings.

Can’t you let a guy sleep? )
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Title: Werewolves: Another Visit
Authors: Dee and Ginny [livejournal.com profile] 2wingsnuts
Disclaimer: Real people, unreal events
Teams: Detroit Red Wings, Buffalo Sabres (Michigan State Spartans)
Warnings: AU, Werewolves, RPS, explicit sex
Pairing: Henrik Zetterberg/Ryan Miller
Rating: FRAO
Summary: Hank visits Ryan at State again
Author's Notes: For Kathie and Mer. Because they never said Stop!

Hank cheered loudly with the rest of the people )
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Title: A Surprise Visit
Authors: Dee and Ginny
Disclaimer: Real people, not real events
Warnings: RPS, AU, Werewolves, explicit sex scenes
Teams: Detroit Red Wings, Buffalo Sabres
Pairing: Henrik Zetterberg/Ryan Miller
Rating: FRAO
Summary: Ryan gets a surprise visitor while at State and more is learned about Werewolf society.
Author' Notes: For the better third and fourth of our brain. I'm sure this is their fault, for some reason.

He wandered around State's campus trying to find his destination )
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Title: Werewolves: The Beginning
Author's Dee and Ginny [livejournal.com profile] 2wingsnuts
Disclaimer: Not real. A complete AU.
Warnings: AU, Werewolves, RPS, Slash, lots of sex
Teams: Detroit Red Wings, Buffalo Sabres
Pairing: Henrik Zetterberg/Ryan Miller, Steve Yzerman/Brendan Shanahan
Rating: FRAO
Summary: New werewolves Ryan learns about Werewolf society and meets someone special
Author's Notes: For Kathie and Mer. Because they like the series and encourage the bunnies

Werewolf AU this way )


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