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Title: My head's to blame for all my heart's mistakes
Author: obscuredmemory
Pairing: Tyler Segin/Patrick Kane
Word Count: 4.5K
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: profanity, kissing, fluff
Summary: There's something oddly beautiful about Patrick Kane
Disclaimer: All events herein are figments of my imagination and in no way reflect on the people or events referenced.
Author's Note: Well happy birthday Patrick and I hope you get lots of birthday sex but this isn't for you it's for the love of my life Emma I hope you like it xoxo. Title from The Mess I Made by Parachute.

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Title: All Mixed Up
Rating: PG - 13 (language)
Pairing: none
Characters: Alex Semin
Summary: "People only see outside, not inside."

There is a reason why I put the author's note inside the cut...it's too damn long. But read it. You'll understand. Also, fic here!
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Title: The pain that you drained from love
Author: obscuredmemory
Pairing: Marc-André Fleury/Maxime Talbot
Word Count: 3490
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: profanity, kissing, angst.
Summary: Max tells him everyday — Marc just never knew he meant it.
Disclaimer: All events herein are figments of my imagination and in no way reflect on the people or events referenced.
Author's Note: Horribly edited and quickly written. Title from 'Andy, You're a Star' by The Killers.



Jul. 13th, 2012 06:22 pm
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Title: Titanic
Pairing: Alex Semin/Semyon Varlamov
Rating: PG - 13
Summary: When a movie is more than just a movie.
Disclaimer: I own none of the people mentioned below. Pure fiction, written for entertainment purposes only. I earn no $$ from this.
Author's Note: More depressing fics! Yay! And just to clarify, yes, this is after Semya was traded to the Avs. Enjoy!

Different teams, different conferences, but their love had never died. )

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Title: Too Close To Love You
Pairing: Henrik Lundqvist/Sean Avery
Rating: PG - 13 (language)
Disclaimer: I own none of the people mentioned in this story. This is written for entertainment purposes, pure fiction, I don't earn any money from it.
Summary: The reason to all of Sean's problems this season.
Author's Note: Title shamelessly stolen from Alex Clare's song "Too Close". I couldn't write any depressing Sasha (Alex Semin) fics, so I decided to write a depressing Sean Avery fic instead. Sorry, I'm just feeling a bit down. 

Why? )
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Title: No, I won't sleep tonight
Author: obscuredmemory
Pairing: Ryan Kesler/Andrew Ladd
Word Count: 8813
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Excessive profanity, sexual innuendo, amusement park!AU.
Summary: There was a line between romantic and creepy, and considering the fact that Ryan had stalked him around his workplace all day, he was definitely toeing that line.
Disclaimer: All events herein are figments of my imagination and in no way reflect on the people or events referenced.
Author's Note: I don't write for a week and then I write 9k of Kesladd in a day and a half. That's healthy. Title from Animal by Neon Trees. This is sort of for Arial but I'm not really sure if she wants it. All rides mentioned in this fic can be found HERE

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Title: The world isn't watching us break down
Author: obscuredmemory
Pairing: Roberto Luongo/Corey Crawford
Word Count: 6253
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Profanity, sexual innuendo, an absolutely nauseating amount of fluff.
Summary: Roberto didn't have to fly across the country for him, but he would have flown farther.
Disclaimer: All events herein are figments of my imagination and in no way reflect on the people or events referenced.
Author's Note: There is a lot going around about my two favourite players and I just needed something to take my mind off of everything. Dedicated to Gretchen. Title from A Twist in My Story by Secondhand Serenade. This is essentially 6.5k of fluff.


Hate Me

May. 17th, 2012 11:48 pm
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Title: Hate Me
Characters: Nate Thompson, Teddy Purcell, Matt Gilroy
Summery: Don't try and help me, I'll just pull you under.
Sequel to Break Me and Shake Me.
Author's Note: Please look at Matt Gilroy's eyes. You'll thank me. They're fucking gorgeous. I can see why Teddy loves him.


Hate Me

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Title: Love Bites.  (And So Do I)
Pairing: Steve Downie/Steven Stamkos
Summery: When the post season is non existent for both the Tampa Bay Lightning and Colorado Avalanche, Downie comes back to Florida to be with Stamkos, and he discovers that biting isn't always a bad thing.
Author's note: I had asked for help with a prompt (the prompt is in the comments for the entry) and [livejournal.com profile] belial answered my call. Initial idea spurned from the song "love bites" by Halestorm.


Love Bites. (And So Do I)

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Title: Comfort in Pain
Author: obscuredmemory
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6620
Pairings: Patrick Sharp/Alexandre Burrows
Summary: Going to Alex's room in the middle of the night was one of the stupidest things Patrick had done in a while.
Warnings: Excessive profanity, boy!kissing, mentions of concussive symptoms, ridiculously fluff.
Disclaimer: None of of this true. Unfortunately.
Note: Probably not my best editing job, but I had intended to get this out on Friday evening so better late than never. Title stolen from Tears and Rain by James Blunt.

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Title: Don't wanna miss you tonight
Author: obscuredmemory
Rating: PG-13 for profanity
Word Count: 1040
Pairings: Roberto Luongo/Patrick Kane
Summary: Sometimes things just work.
Disclaimer: None of of this true. Unfortunately.
Note: This is for my darling Gretchen. The title is from Iris, by the Goo Goo Dolls.

(On LJ)
(On AO3)
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Title: Play-offs, Schmlay-offs. (Or, How I Spent My Summer Vacation)
Pairings: Mike Smith/Ryan Malone, Steven Stamkos/Steve Downie, Nate Thompson/Teddy Purcell
Summery: What the Lightning are doing instead of playing in the playoffs right now. No, really. That's it.
Author's Note: The Chicago bit was inspired by nothing more than my imagination.
The Ontario bit was inspired by the news that Steven Stamkos suffered through the final month of the regular season with a shoulder injury. He recently had an MRI, and it revealed that he didn't need surgery (thank God and the hockey gods). But for the sake of this story, we're going to pretend that he did.
And the Tampa bit was inspired by a number of pictures that Nate Thompson tweeted of himself fishing. Here's one of them. You must see it. No, really. Click. and And click...


This Way To The Fluffy Stuff....

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Title: You don’t know how lovely you are
Author: obscuredmemory
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 12627
Pairings: Zack Kassian/Chris Tanev
Summary: Kass started receiving love letters in the locker room. To say he was surprised would be the understatement of the year.
Warnings: More-than gratuitous profanity, boy!kissing, hockey violence, romance.
Disclaimer: None of of this true. Unfortunately.
Note: My otp and I don’t know why. I must have a thing for pairings that are backed by nothing except a few photographs. Written for Gretchen, who is truly perfect.

On AO3

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Title: The Sweetest Goodbye.
Summery: And with a tear in your eye, give me the sweetest goodbye that I ever could receive. Follow up to Alone In The Dark. and is told from Steve Downie's pov. First person pov.
Rating/Pairing: PG-13  Steve Downie/Steven Stamkos
Author's Note: Story takes place the day that Steve Downie was traded from the Tampa Bay Lightning to the Colorado Avalanche. It's not necessary to read the prior story, but you can read The Lies That Bind (Part Two: Now Is Not The Time For Revenge) if you want to know why Stamkos kicked Downie out and read Alone In The Dark. if you want to know how Stamkos' hand got cut. And of course, I'm going to encourage you to read my other stories! I hope you enjoy!


The Sweetest Goodbye.

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title: Attention
rating: PG-13
word count: 976
pairing: PK Subban/Carey Price
content notes: light rope bondage
summary: PK is basically over at Carey's house all the time now. (Totally based off this awesome post where PK for real cops to Carey tying him up all the time with his lasso. Yeah, I can't believe it either.)

Can be read at the AO3 or on LJ
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title: Five Hockey Players Erica Staal Never Dated
rating: PG-13
word count: ~6,750
summary: AU genderswap, where Erica Staal ends up becoming the first female captain in the NHL. Really, the title basically is the fic.
disclaimer: All lies, if the AU bit didn't tip you off.

Read it at LJ or the AO3.
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Title: Le Jour d’Aprés Valentin
Pairing: Kesler/Burrows
Rating: Like, nothing. NC17 for language.
Summary: Ryan hates Valentine's Day as much as he hates Alex's boyfriends, which is to say, more than anything. 

Happy Valentine's day! Story's at my journal :)

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title: Seasons of Love
involves: Ty Conklin/Marc-Andre Fleury
rating: PG-13 due to context
disclaimer: the parts of this that are not verifiable should be rather easily discernable from the parts that are.
notes: The limits of love and time.  Not much to do with the Rent song, really... but I didn't feel like 'Glory Days'.  Real-life (and real-wife, ha) discussion within, for those concerned.  UNH etc., is the University of New Hampshire, go Wildcats...
word count: 672

For [livejournal.com profile] nofaves , who knew this existed back last April...

in the blink of a young man's eye )
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Title: Am I High?
Author: [livejournal.com profile] missy7280
Pairing: Scottie Upshall/Matthew Lombardi
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,394
Summary: You should be paranoid without me and with me feel a buzz
Warning(s): Contains some het (sorry), alcohol, drug use (this is becoming a habit with me), implied cheating
Disclaimer: Not true. Should be obvious since I'm writing it.
Notes: Title, summary, and inspiration for this fic comes from the song "Am I High" by N.E.R.D., which you can download here. I wrote this out of my own comfort zone, as it's in first person and present tense, in a stream of consciousness style.

Fic here.


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