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Title: Just two points on a map
Author: obscuredmemory
Pairing: Brian Boyle/Brandon Prust
Word Count: 1263
Rating: G
Warnings: Angst
Summary: Brian still pours two cups of coffee most mornings.
Disclaimer: All events herein are figments of my imagination and in no way reflect on the people or events referenced.
Author's Note: I needed to write something to make me stop hating myself. It worked. Sorry for the two things in quick succession. This is for Christina with Arial in mind.

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Title: Observations.
Summery: Fluff. Bromance/Romance. Could be interpreted either way. About the things you observe when you're stuck on a tough plane ride home. Takes place after Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals of 2011 and written from the Point of View of Simon Gagne.

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Team: San Jose Sharks
Pairing: Joe Thornton/Evgeni Nabokov
Rating: G, plus some swearing
Summary: Not all in San Jose is sunny as the path to the Stanley Cup proves to be as difficult as ever; falling in love might be the simplest task on this year’s agenda.
Editor: None Today! Because this was a surprise for everyone <3 Be warned though… probably a lot of horrendous mistakes ahead.

Also, this took way too long and I’m sorry for my spottiness of updating :(

| Chapter I | Chapter II | Chapter III | Chapter IV | Chapter V | Chapter VI | Chapter VII | Chapter VIII | Chapter IX | Chapter X | Chapter XI | Chapter XII | Chapter XIII | Chapter XIV | Chapter XV | Chapter XVI Part one | Chapter XVI Part two | Chapter XVII part one | Chapter XVII part two | Chapter XVIII | Chapter XVIII | Chapter XIX | Chapter XX | Chapter XXI | Chapter XXII | Chapter XXIII | Chapter XXIV | Chapter XXV | Chapter XXVI | Chapter XXVII | Chapter XXVIII | Chapter XXIX | Chapter XXX | Chapter XXXI

Evgeni thought about saying something, but no words came to him. None that Joe would be able to comprehend, anyway. This would be easier if Evgeni didn’t have to think that much harder to string English fragmented words together when he was worried about saying the wrong thing. )

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Hi, me again. *waves* Posting again cause I'm bored, and you're not getting rid of me that easily.

So, let me explain. [livejournal.com profile] he_is_dead_jim did one of those question memes with hockey players. One of the questions ended up being - Number 3 [hedman] confesses his secret love for Number 5 [lundqvist]. What do you think of this?

Naturally, I decided to write crack!fic in which Victor Hedman does in fact confess his undying love for Henrik.

Title: Unrequited
Author: [livejournal.com profile] missy7280
Team: Rangers/Lightning
Pairing: Henrik Lundqvist + Victor Hedman unrequited!
Rating: so G
Word Count: 485

crack! ficlet right here.
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Title: Desert Sand
Characters: Joffrey Lupul/Scottie Upshall, Mike Richards
Teams: Phoenix Coyotes, Philadelphia Flyers
Rating: G
Notes: I own nothing, and as far as I know this never happened. Told from Scottie's point of view.



Desert Sand )


Apr. 10th, 2009 10:30 am
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Title: Ambrosia
Pairing: Ryan Kesler/food hahaha..kinda. Also featuring the awesome Kyle Wellwood. Purely as friends, okay? :x
Rating: G
1508 words
Ryan has a bad day. ☺
Summary (or how it came to be..):
"The only pairing Kes can go with is food. I will read Kes/food."
"YES. He and pasta are star crossed lovers"
...A little later...
"OMG KYLE WELLWOOD IS MY FAVOURITE PERSON EVER D: He just has to be in everything for comedic reasons."
"Ryan/food = otp with Welly as spectator"
"Can you write something like a bedtime story for me? With a happy ending. You know, like, Kes wakes up late and has no time for breakfast and is buttchecked at practice by Mattias Ohlund and then all is going wrong until he gets [to a] home and sees pasta salad in the fridge. He smiles, and says with a sigh of relief: i knew i'd find you at last"

food, food, food, food...
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Title: The Office
Pairing: none. Taylor Pyatt and Steve Bernier are the leads though :))
Rating: C. For crazy.
Warnings: AU Office!verse. Taylor Pyatt is as dumb as he looks. Some Canuckian jokes and did-you-know’s, which I’ll try to explain, but some of it is obviously made up, too. Random shout out to Patrick Sharp, IDEK, blame mformilly

1730 words

( some crazy shit is about to happen. )
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This is written in Derek’s Point of View so I hope you guys like it. 

Pairing: Paul GaustadxDerek Roy

Title: Untitled
Rating: G
Chapter: 1
Pairing: Paul Gaustad/Derek Roy (buffalo Sabres)
Disclaimer: I do not own the sabres or these two



Why did he have to keep doing this to me? )
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Team: San Jose Sharks
Pairing: Joe Thornton/Evgeni Nabokov
Rating: G, because I’m actually pretty sure nothing bad happens… Jeremy might say something once, but what can you do? That
man’s untamable.
Summary: Not all in San Jose is sunny as the path to the Stanley Cup proves to be as difficult as ever; falling in love might be the simplest task on this year’s agenda.

Editor: Sherlockelly



Chapter I                       Chapter VII
Chapter II                      Chapter VIII
Chapter III                     Chapter IX
Chapter IV                     Chapter X

Chapter V                      Chapter XI

Chapter VI                     


Joe offered the safety to Evgeni gladly. By body and words, he gave all of himself to Evgeni. )


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title: Looking Back At Me
involves: 29. and 29. Or the other way around.
rating: G[ee, I didn't know I could write one!]
disclaimer/notes: Um, it's basically non-fiction. Sorry. Not pretending to literary merit, either. Fictionalysis is for fun, not for profit. I miss Ty Conklin so much Fleury may be giving me a run for my money.
summary: The mirror's showing me someone else's face.

So far apart. So how'd we get so close? )
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Title: Post-game
Author:[livejournal.com profile] nofaves
Rating: G
Word Count: 218.
Summary: Takes place after Petr Sýkora's 37th two-goal game.
Author's Note: I am not a master (mistress?) of the short story. But I was inspired to try my hand at it.

Po zápase... )
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Title: I'll Wait For You(1/1)
Pairing: Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins)/ Colby Armstrong (Atlanta Thrashers)
Rating: G. They're just cutesy sometimes. "Jerk" is the harshest word in this though.
Disclaimer: I own them... They just keep escaping from their cages and returnng to their respective places. But really... just kidding.
Notes: Told in Sidney's POV. He's in Pittsburgh, Colby is on the road somewhere. They are not happy pandas.
Word Count: 532

this ain't nothing new. sweetheart, i'll wait for you )
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Title: Higher Ground
Author: [livejournal.com profile] geekintehpink
Characters: Michael Ryder, Marc Savard (Boston Bruins) Michael's POV.
Rating: G
Word Count: 736
Summary: Team bonding: Marc Savard style.
Author's Note: It's kinda rough and it's pretty much all my brain could throw together right now, since I'm battling with a bout of writer's block. Also unbeta'd, so if you see any glaring horrible errors, please feel free to point them out in a polite way.

I know what lies behind unopened doors... )
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title: Raise the Red Banner
involves: Ty Conklin
rating: G
disclaimer: They had a ceremony for last year's team in Detroit tonight, this is true. But my clairvoyant powers still suck.
summary: A guest at the masquerade.

It's not that you wish you'd signed with the Islanders, but right now you'd love a chair in the runway, wouldn't you? You wish there was no room on this bench. )
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AN- [profile] mistokath13, you make me lol.

Title: "Uhm, WTF?"

Pairing:  None but it features Nick and Homer (RPF Detroit Red Wings)

Rating: G

Disclaimer: The following is a work of not for profit fiction and no insult or assumption is implied by the use of the names of the persons therein. Read- It's just for fun and NOT REAL, no matter how fun the pictures would be.

Summary: Om nom nom! Jumbo cookies are meant to be shared, right?

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I never really expected to be writing this pairing seriously... *g* Ah well.

For Nat, because she’s finally joined the Dark Side where she rightly belongs. ♥

Title: There's Something to Sleeping In
Genre: Romance, schmoop
Rating: G
Players: Sidney Crosby/Alexander Ovechkin
Summary: ‘Sidney had learned early on that, when left to his own devices, Alex was definitely not a morning person.’

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Philly Flyers
Buffalo Sabres
Ryan Miller/ Daniel Briere

takes place during the 07/08 year. THank you for those who thought this was good enough to post and not be in the graveyard. thank you!!

you used to talk to me
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Title: Never Alone
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nofaves
Characters: Ty Conklin, Marc-André Fleury
Rating: G
Warnings: So squeaky clean, your grandmother could read it.
Summary: Story opens a few weeks after the initial outbreak of the High Ankle Sprain PENdemic of ’07-’08.
Word Count: 1,358
Author's Notes: Beta’d by me, since I have no one to serve in that capacity. :(
Disclaimer: I don’t own these guys; I merely rent them space in my head.

A pale yellow rosebud in his dressing room stall. )
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Written by: [livejournal.com profile] lady_lilith.

Title: A Perfect Circle.
Fandom: NHL: Nashville Predators.
Characters: Greg de Vries.
Word Count: 1,502.
Rating: G.
Summary: A reflection on life and fate.
Author's Notes: This is not porn, but I can hope it helps the Preds, right? No one should be swept. [Edit: And lo, it worked. This was written the day the Preds beat the Wings the first time this series. We have determined that angst works, too.]

( A Perfect Circle. )
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Title: The Beauty of Nature
Author: Elise
Team: Washington Capitals
Pairing: Alex Ovechkin/Alexander Semin, Olie Kolzig/Sergei Federov
warnings/ratings: G. fluffernutter.
summary: Mating Ritual.
Author's note: This is a fic for [livejournal.com profile] quinnkeeper because she is a lovely and incredible person. The italicized quotes are from John Young's Wildlife Enterprises. click here for article. And click here for the video of the Riflebird.

Sergei looked at Olie and Brash, wondering if he should let them in on the display, or perhaps, hoping that he was the only one who would witness it


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