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Title: The Distance Is Numbing, The Only Cure Is You.
Pairing: Matt Gilroy/Teddy Purcell
Summary: Teddy hates distance, and just how subjective it can be.
Notes at entry.


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Title: The Calm Before The Storm
Pairing:Teddy Purcell/Matt Gilroy, past Teddy Purcell/Nate Thompson
Summary: Although he was saddened by Matt being traded to the Senators, Teddy thought his life was going to be easy after he got back with Nate. He was wrong, and Matt coming back into town only serves to prove to him how wrong.
Rating: Probably my dirtiest yet. So...yeah.
Author's Notes: Well, this story is directly tied to this this whole series and while I really don't think it's necessary to read it, because this story stands on it's own, I'm certainly going to appreciate it if you do! Idea for this story came from the song "Figure It Out" by Maroon 5, so some of the story is loosely based on that. Thanks and enjoy!

The Calm Before The Storm
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Title: ...Then You Will Be Alone
Pairing: Teddy Purcell/Matt Gilroy, Teddy Purcell/Nate Thompson
Summery: Many people come into your life, and many people leave. Everyone serves a purpose, although you may not know what it is at the time.
Author's Notes: I'm posting my six part series here, in it's entirety. For those that had been following it all along, "...Then You Will Be Alone" is the last and final chapter. For those who haven't given this a try yet, all the chapters are listed below, with the first chapter (Break Me) being listed at the top. Title and description to each chapter are lyrics from "Break Me, Shake Me" by Savage Garden.

Break Me I never thought I'd change my opinion again, But you moved me in a way that I've never known.

Shake Me 'Cause I used to move you in a way that you've never known, But then I accused you in a way that you've never known.

Hate Me But straight away you just moved into position again, you abused me in a way that I've never known.

Take Me Over I can help you but what do you say? Because it's not free baby, you'll have to pay.

When The Madness Stops... So you're the kind who deals with the games in the mind, Well you confuse me in a way that I've never known.

...Then You Will Be Alone Just break me, shake me, hate me, take me over, when the madness stops, then you will be alone.
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Title: When The Madness Stops...
Pairing: Nate Thompson/Teddy Purcell/Matt Gilroy
Summery: Unexpected Christmas texts lead to unexpected feelings which lead to unexpected solutions.
Authors Note: Picks up immediately after Teddy got Nate's text in Take Me Over. This is the fifth part of my intended six part series. Yep, that's it, only one more. The first five were Break Me, Shake Me, Hate Me ,and Take Me Over. I actually read up on the NHL's use of the "quiet room", or lack thereof, but for this story, let's pretend it gets used like it should. For those who don't know, Tommy Mulligan is the Lightning's head athletic trainer. Supposedly, a friend of a friend saw Matt and Nate and Teddy all hanging out in the Montreal hotel when they were there playing the Canadiens, and so my friend said something to the effect of "If you don't write an epic Matt/Teddy/Nate threesome, we're not friends anymore." I know she was kidding, but here's my story nonetheless. I hope it's epic enough.


When The Madness Stops

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Title: Take Me Over
Pairing: Matt Gilroy/Teddy Purcell, past Nate Thompson/Teddy Purcell
Summery: Just when you think that nothing can make you forget your past, someone proves you wrong. And that's right around the time that the past comes back to haunt you.
Author's Note: This is the follow up to Break Me , Shake Me , and Hate Me. This one is pretty fluffy, enjoy it while it lasts, because we all know that the drama is bound to rule once more.


Take Me Over

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Hate Me

May. 17th, 2012 11:48 pm
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Title: Hate Me
Characters: Nate Thompson, Teddy Purcell, Matt Gilroy
Summery: Don't try and help me, I'll just pull you under.
Sequel to Break Me and Shake Me.
Author's Note: Please look at Matt Gilroy's eyes. You'll thank me. They're fucking gorgeous. I can see why Teddy loves him.


Hate Me

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Shake Me

May. 6th, 2012 08:20 pm
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Title: Shake Me
Pairing: Nate Thompson/Teddy Purcell, Implied Nate Thompson/Other
Summery: be careful what you wish for. The Boys go to Ireland, then hell. (no, not literally)
Author's Note: This is a follow up to Break Me and is the second part of what will be a six part series.


And yes, I totally stole Teddy's mom calling him "pickle" from 'Shaun Of The Dead'


Shake Me

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