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Title: Silent Rain
Pairing: Cory Conacher/Dustin Tokarski
Summary: Cory can't stop pacing, and he can't stop asking himself "why?"
Author's Notes: Takes place on Valentine's Day 2013 when Dustin was traded for the Lightning/Crunch to the Canadiens organization. That really happened, nothing else did.




On AO3


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Title: Caught Between Two Dreams
Pairing: Dustin Tokarski/Cory Conacher
Summary: Would fate really be cruel enough to have Cory realize one of his biggest dreams, but at the worst possible time? 
Author's Notes: Takes place right after Cory finds out he's been invited to the Lightning's 2013 training camp. Side note: As it was officially announced today, he's made the Opening Night Roster. And I am full of squee! 




On AO3, because I have one of those now.


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Title: I Hate Me, For Breathing Without You
Pairing: Dustin Tokarski/Cory Conacher
Summary: Nothing real love can't undo, And though I may have lost my way, All paths lead straight to you.
Author's Notes: This is so totally [livejournal.com profile] blueabsinthe's fault, because this all started about 5 days ago when she pointed out to me that it was Cory Conacher's birthday. Then I pointed out that the poor baby bolt had to play on his birthday, and..yeah...story. This was supposed to be a quick little piece of birthdays fluff, but evovled into something much longer and much more complicated. Can go along with Skin And Atmosphere and A Thousand Kisses Deep by [livejournal.com profile] blueabsinthe. Takes place after the Syracuse Crunch game on 12/14, as the team is getting back on the bus to go to the hotel. During that game, Riku Helenius earned a shutout. Title and summary from "Like You" by Evanescence. Thanks and enjoy.

I Hate Me, For Breathing Without You
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Title: Skin and Atmosphere
Pairing: Dustin Tokarski/Unnamed Teammate
Summary: Dustin finally gets what he wanted, but what if it doesn't want him back?
Words: 894
Author's Notes: I don't know, blame it on the lockout, but I've finally taken to writing about the Lightning's AHL affiliate, and their gorgeous bb!goalie. The Syracuse Crunch where in Montreal this week, playing at the Bell Centre, and for some reason, all I could think about was Dustin, standing outside in the cold, being all angsty!bb!goalie. Also, I experimented with writing it in second person, focussed on Dustin. So please enjoy it and let me know what you think? Thanks! Title from 36 Crazyfist's song by the same name.

Skin and Atmosphere


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