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Title: afraid of standing still
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sherlockelly
Pairing: Dany Heatley/OMC ; appearances by everyone
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Real people, fake story.
Word Count: 25,795

Summary: Dany Heatley continues to drift violently away from the idea of the man he had wanted to be.

Author's Note: Written for [livejournal.com profile] reallybigsticks. Thanks infinitely to [livejournal.com profile] revuko for her feedback and input, even though she has been crazy busy. This is me experimenting with a nonlinear timeline and believe me, it was incredibly frustrating but I tried my best to date and place everything so it would flow while not flowing. If I said all I needed to say right here, it might be longer than the story so the rest of my notes, research, inspiration and frustration can be found here.

'be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still'

afraid of standing still
one . two . three . four . notes

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TITLE: “Ice Pack”
BY: K.Jameson
TEAM(S): Philadelphia Flyers
PAIRING(S): Scottie Upshall/Danny Briere
DISCLAIMER: Pure fiction. Don’t sue.
WARNINGS: Slight abuse of language and suggestive teasing
SUMMARY: After Briere decides not to play in the second half of the game, Upshall offers some help with the pain.
CREDIT: Partial to [livejournal.com profile] tinydancermags , because I probably wouldn’t have come up with this idea if it wasn’t for our conversation on Wednesday..
AUTHOR’S NOTES: Short and sweet, but I couldn’t resist. The idea cracked me up and this needed to be done (to bring a little humor to an awful penalty call). Pretty much takes place after [livejournal.com profile] tinydancermags  fic “Bad Call”.  I wrote this on yesterday morning and probably would have had it posted then, but the internet has been messing up lately so better late then never :) 




Ice Pack )








Nov. 26th, 2008 05:15 pm
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Title: Scratched

Distribution: My Site

Pairing: Maxim Afingenov(pov) (Buffalo Sabres)/ Daniel Briere (Philadelphia Flyers)

Rating: NC-17 (smut)

Disclaimer: Not true. That's why its called fiction.

A/N: Takes place during last Friday's Sabres vs Flyers game when Afinogenov was a healthy scratch.




... )
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Title: New Sensations Life Is Good – changed the title because New Sensations is just too cheesy. New title comes from a Scottie Upshall quote on a Philly radio interview (link below - it makes sense if you read it).
Chapter: 4/?
  Yes, I know this was supposed to be the last chapter. I hate my brain. It  has decided that there should be Mike/Jeff in the next chapter.  WTF brain? 
Danny Briere/Mike Richards/Martin Biron, Mike Richards/Jeff Carter (will be more next chapter), Jeff Carter/some random lucky chic
Smut. Threesomes. Mentions of het sex. Not beta read. Hopefully, I caught all my mistakes. I double checked the names of players and places because they’re usually what I screw up. I think I got them all.
Never happened. I only wish it did and that I could watch. Or that someone would film it.
Mike finally gets out of denial and gives in to the sexy temptation that is Danny and Marty.
Author's notes:  
I think this might be the smuttiest thing I’ve written. Ever.I hope it is okay.  There will be more Danny/Richie/Marty smut in the next chapter but the POV will be different. I can’t say anymore or it will be a spoiler.

Thanks again for the feedback. It has really kept me focused on writing.  I usually tend to procrastinate but haven't been doing that with this fic. 

Edit: put too long author notes under a cut. Sorry so long :(

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Title: New Sensations

Characters: Mike Richards/Danny Briere/Marty Biron, Danny/Marty (oh no’s this really is turning into a threesome fic) Squint and you might see: Mike/Joffrey (Lupul) and Mike/Jeff (Carter)

Rating: R (for brief sexual imagery and language)

Warnings: Flyers angst! But not as much as the last chapter.

Summary: The bus trip is finally over and the guys head home. Mike finds he's even more drawn to Danny and Marty but is still in denial. And Danny is having fun teasing him.

Disclaimer: Not real - didn't happen.

Author notes: This chapter only has a tiny bit of smut. Very tiny. I thought it might be too much of a stretch to have parking lot sex! the same day the Flyers lost the ECF. Also, part of the Joffrey/Richie conversation is based on the real-life fact that Mike sleeps over Joffrey’s when he stays in Philly. Damn, that is just too hot. I wish I had pictures.


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Title: New Sensations
Chapter: 1/?  Am I really writing a mutlichapter fic?
Characters: Mike Richards/Danny Briere, Danny Briere/Marty Biron, hint of Mike Richards/Jeff Carter and if you want to see it Mike Richards/Joffrey Lupul (but not really)
Summary: The bus ride back to the Flyers Skate Center in New Jersey after the loss to Pittsburgh in the playoffs is a long and painful one and Mike finds himself drawn to Danny and Marty.
Rating: PG-13/teen for now but will go up in the next chapter for sure
Warnings: Angst.
Disclaimers: Not true - never happened though I can dream can't I?
Author's note:  More Flyers slash. I hope no one minds. I know they're not the most popular team but I'm from the Philly area and love them.  This came from my angst after watching the Flyers get pounded by the Penguins yesterday. Seeing Mike so sad at the  post-game news conference made me want to cry.  I started writing this with the intention of writing Mike/Danny (with a side of Danny/Marty) but it seems to be headed towards a threesome. WTF?


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Philly Flyers
Buffalo Sabres
Ryan Miller/ Daniel Briere

takes place during the 07/08 year. THank you for those who thought this was good enough to post and not be in the graveyard. thank you!!

you used to talk to me
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Title: Gladly
Author: [livejournal.com profile] slasher48/[livejournal.com profile] bad_bad_books
Rating: R
Pairing: Wow. Lots. Um. Derek Roy/ Brian Campbell, Ryan Miller/Danny Briere, Maxim Afinogenov/Thomas Vanek, Jason Pominville/Tim Connolly, and Drew Stafford/Daniel Paille
Disclaimer: 68%, loves. Those're good chances. However, I don't know whether or not this is true. I'm just writing down what I want.
AN: So I was so ecstatic about the comeback that I wrote something to celebrate it. Due to us just losing, I'm not sure it's complete yet, but hey, let's celebrate ten-one anyway! :)

Apologies, Kezzie and MJ, I kind of borrowed your pairings...;) )
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100 ways
by Elise
buffalo sabres
Stafford/his left hand
BIG THANKS - to the sabres for kickin ass tonight. I was going to post this tomorrow, but in honor of them, here it is. Also, as usual, i am unbelievably grateful for those who take the time to comment. Thank you. I'm nervous about this section cuz of chapter 58. eeee!

54. air, 55. spirit, 56. Breakfast, 57. Lunch, 58. (nc17) dinner
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Title: Homecoming
Rating: NC-17, for porn and language
Pairing:  The ever-lovely Danny Briere and Ryan Miller...with hinted Danny/Marty Biron
Disclaimer: Yea. Not real. Oh how w
A/N: So, I wasn't going to post this on account that it made me cry...and the porn is mediocre. But on the insistence of [personal profile] slasher48 it is now here. Enjoy, dear. Merry Christmas!

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Title: Coming Home
Author: [personal profile] slasher48/[profile] bad_bad_books
Rating: R
Pairing: Ryan and his Danny. :)
Disclaimer: Absolutely love them, but do not own.
AN: My baby comes home tonight! Too bad we're against him! (If I'm honest, I really want him to score at least ONCE on Ryan. ;) In more ways than one, hehe.)

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Title: Stuffing His Face (Random Drabble-Type Deal)
Author:[personal profile] slasher48/[profile] bad_bad_books
Rating: R. Implied sex schtuff.
Pairing: Danny/Ryan...EEE. I'm writing more and more of them! : D
Disclaimer: It might happen, but I wouldn't know. Don't know and don't own. I do hope though. : p
AN: FIVE GAMES! FIVE FUCKING GAMES! YES! So Ryan deserves a phone call, at least, and the promise of something more soon. ;)

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Title: Cinnamon and Ice
Authors: Z4RF3
Fandom: NHL Buffalo Sabres
Characters: Daniel Briere / Derek Roy , Chris Drury
Rating: PG
Author's Note: '05 - '06 playoffs
Disclaimer: I do not own them and this is a work of fiction. I am makeing no money in the creation of this.

Chapter 3

Chapter 2
Chapter 1
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Title: If Only
Author: [personal profile] slasher48/[profile] bad_bad_books
Rating: Nothing much. PG-13 @ most
Pairing: Implied Danny/Ryan and Timmy/Dru
Disclaimer: *sob* If he is watching the game, I have no way of knowing. *ahem* If they are.
AN: I warn all of you Danny and Dru fans...you might cry : (. I was in an emo mood. They're losing. (FFR: Set Oct. 5 07)

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Title: The Sabres Way?
Author: Dee
Disclaimer: There is proof that Ryan Miller is property of the Buffalo Sabres, and Danny Briere is with Philadelphia, and that means one thing: this isn't true, which is extremely sad.
Pairing: Danny Briere/Ryan Miller (but only hinted at)
Warnings: RPS, hints of slash
Rating: PG
Summary: Ryan tells Danny something important before Danny leaves for Philadelphia.
A/Ns: [livejournal.com profile] mistokath13 and I were talking about Buffalo’s Captains and how they like to rotate them. And we decided it was the “Sabre-way” and boom instant drabble. If you want a sequel, let me know what kind of sequel and I’ll see what happens. *grins*

Sabre-Way )
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Title: Cookie Monster
Author: Dee
Rating: FRAO
Pairing: Danny Briere/Ryan Miller (Buffalo Sabres)
Waring: RPS
Disclaimer: I don't own them. If I did, Ryan would be the goalie for Detroit or Danny never would have left Buffalo. Since neither are true, I can't have any claims on their personal lives.
Summary: Ryan teases Danny about a nickname.
Author's Notes: For Kathie because she requested Cookie Monster fic. And Ginny because she always deserves smut. Also, I don't know if Ryan likes cookies or not, so don't kill me if he does.

Cookies )


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