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Title: Untitled
Rating: PG-13 for words
Chapter: 2
Pairing: Paul Gaustad/Derek Roy (buffalo Sabres)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the guys in this story. And I’m slightly going off from fic_elise’s story where Brian plays for the Leafs, and that him and Ryan are together. And don’t take Derek’s reactions in this too heart.

Chapter 1



When practice was finally done....... )
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Every Mask has its Story part eight
PG13 overall

WARNING: Serious topics are brought up in this story. cancer. This chapter escalates.

All current and former sabres. An AU future fic for the story 100 ways.

He also knew that if he looked at his daughter right now, that he would immediately crumble, and Brian would find him with three pounds of makeup on

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title: Every Mask has its Story PART SEVEN
author: Elise
pairing/characters: Ryan Miller/Brian Campbell, Steve Bernier
summary: set ten years after the story 100 ways, which is found in this fic journal. deals with cancer. Be warned.
dedication: To the people who comment, especially the ones struggling.
silly dedication: Glitch, from tin man.


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title: Every Mask has its Story PART SIX
author: Elise
pairing/team: Former and present Buffalo Sabres- Brian Campbell/Ryan Miller, Steve Bernier
author's note: AU. future fic for 100 ways, which can be found at my journal.
dedication/thanks: THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO COMMENTS!!! I love you. You know my worries with the story, and you still support me in writing it, and i'm glad its helping those who it does. It's done. the story. I finished it. I just have to post the rest. I love you all.
silly dedication: I dedicate this to all the baby bear cubs in the world. You're fuckin cute and your moms will mess me up.

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title: Every Mask has its Story PART FIVE
author: Elise
rating/warning: angsty
Team: All current and former Buffalo Sabres
pairings/characters: Brian Campbell/Ryan Miller, Steve bernier
Author's note: A future fic for my 100 ways story (found in my journal). This is AU. Brian and Ryan are married. Brian was traded to the Leafs. Steve "bear" Bernier was traded to Ottawa Sens.

The Campbell-Miller family was outside, enjoying each other’s company. Steve paused. He couldn’t interrupt this. He couldn’t destroy this family.
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Every Mask has it's story Part Three of ?
Brian Campbell/Ryan Miller, Steve Bernier
Future!Fic for the 100 ways universe

Read me please... pretty please...
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title: Every Mask Has its story
author: Elise
rating: pg
fandom/teams: Buffalo Sabres and San jose sharks (in the story: ottawa senators and Toronto Mapleleafs... all explained in A/n)
universe: 100 ways verse. 10 years in the future.
authors notes. extensive.: ok. this is set in the 100 ways universe. It's ten years in the future. Brian Campbell was traded to the Mapleleafs, and lives in St. Catherines with his husband Ryan Miller of the Sabres. Together they have a child named Lindy Campbell-Miller (she has her own story). Steve Bernier makes an appearance and was traded to the Ottawa Senators. SO - AU.
thanks: To everyone who read and loves the 100 ways verse - i dedicate this to you. Thank you for supporting me!! I love you all and I write this because it was requested that more Brian.Ryan existed.
mucho love from Elise

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Deconstructing a Family
buffalo Sabres/Toronto Mapleleafs (but really SJ Sharks)
Ryan Miller/Brian Campbell
This is part of the 100 ways universe. Brian was traded to the Mapleleafs and marries Ryan Miller of the sabres. This is a post fic. 100 ways can be found at my journal.

also, this is not an Mpreg. this is only an AU in the sense that its based on a previous story, and the realities from that universe. Not the realities of real life.

Go, or give up on your family
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More than...
Brian Campbell/Ryan Miller
set the summer after 100 ways

A/N: This is after my story 100 ways, which can be found in my journal. Quick run through: Brian Campbell, after helping Ryan Miller (goalie for the buffalo sabres) out of his alcoholism, was traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Ryan and Brian get married and move together into a house in Ontario (st. Catherines).
This story is a fluffy drabble. Full of sugar.

Do you love me more than...
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Seeing Black
A one shot
by Elise
Buffalo Sabres
Ryan miller (buffalo Sabres)/ Brian campbell (San Jose Sharks)

a/n: takes place in the finals of the the playoffs, 2008. A bit presumptuous of me, yes.

ONe shot, click here. Sorry for writing so much....
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pg13 to R
Buffalo Sabres
San Jose Sharks
Toronto Maple Leafs

Brian Campbell/Ryan Miller.

let me explain: this is a one shot for [livejournal.com profile] buffalorinkrat. It takes place four years after my fic "100 ways". It's a stand alone, so just know that Brian Campbell was traded to the Leafs and is married to Ryan.

ice cream indiscretion
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Title: Peace & Love
Characters: Brian Campbell and Tom Preissing
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Fake.  I don't own anything written.
A/N: I got the idea for this story from this video.

Brian Campbell's POV

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Title: Make Me Stronger

Pairing: Buffalo Sabres: Ryan Miller/Brian Campbell

Rating: PG

Summary: This is how they deal.

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 Title: I've Got to be Strong
Pairing: Brian Campbell/Ryan Miller
Rating: pg
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything I promise
Summary: Trade rumors for Brian Campball, how do they deal with it?

Are Your Ready?
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Title: Brian Campbell

Pairing: Brian Campbell and Ryan Miller

Rating: G

Summary: A questionnaire I found where you answer questions about someone you write about. I just decided to answer them in Ryan’s point of view.

Fast Forward

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100 ways

by Elise
pg 13
Buffalo Sabres: Ryan Miller/Brian Campbell

59. Food, 60. Drink, 61. Winter, 62. Spring, 63. Summer

Big thanks to everyone who commented and supported me in the nc17 stuff. Now I gotta write better stuff for later. I hope you enjoy this so far. I'm more than 2/3rds done with this story. that's scary!
Thank you!
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Title: Gladly
Author: [livejournal.com profile] slasher48/[livejournal.com profile] bad_bad_books
Rating: R
Pairing: Wow. Lots. Um. Derek Roy/ Brian Campbell, Ryan Miller/Danny Briere, Maxim Afinogenov/Thomas Vanek, Jason Pominville/Tim Connolly, and Drew Stafford/Daniel Paille
Disclaimer: 68%, loves. Those're good chances. However, I don't know whether or not this is true. I'm just writing down what I want.
AN: So I was so ecstatic about the comeback that I wrote something to celebrate it. Due to us just losing, I'm not sure it's complete yet, but hey, let's celebrate ten-one anyway! :)

Apologies, Kezzie and MJ, I kind of borrowed your pairings...;) )
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100 ways
by Elise
buffalo sabres
Stafford/his left hand
BIG THANKS - to the sabres for kickin ass tonight. I was going to post this tomorrow, but in honor of them, here it is. Also, as usual, i am unbelievably grateful for those who take the time to comment. Thank you. I'm nervous about this section cuz of chapter 58. eeee!

54. air, 55. spirit, 56. Breakfast, 57. Lunch, 58. (nc17) dinner
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100 Ways
by Elise
Hard R? Close to R? implied nc17? er... R?
parts 34-38
Buffalo Sabres
Philadelphia Flyers

lots of pairings, this one:
Ryan Miller/Brian Campbell
Past Ryan Miller/Daniel Briere
future Daniel Briere/Alexandre Picard
Ryan Miller/ SURPRISE!!!

34. not Enough, 35. Sixth Sense, 36. Smell, 37. Sound, 38. Touch


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