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Title: Revenge is sour (Part 2 of 2)
Characters/pairing: David Krejci/Joffrey Lupul/Milan Lucic
Rating: NC-17
Time: 2008-09 season
Summary: Seeking revenge against Lucic, Lupul goes after Krejci.
Author's note: Thanks and credit to Kelles, with whom this idea was bounced around and who graciously loaned me her Lupul. 
Disclaimer: A fictional story, written only for entertainment purposes.

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Title: Revenge is sour (Part 1 of 2)
Characters/pairing: David Krejci/Joffrey Lupul/Milan Lucic
Rating: PG-13 (this chapter)
Time: 2008/09 season
Summary: Lupul seeks revenge on Lucic by taking the one thing Lucic loves.
Author's note: Kelles and I had discussed a Flyers/Bruins fic and she came up with this idea and wrote the opening scene. I just took it from there. 
Disclaimer: A fictional story, written for entertainment purposes only.

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Title: Nothing Ever Changes
Author: kelles
Chapter: 1/?
Pairings: Joffrey Lupul./Steve Eminger, Scottie Upshall/Joffrey Lupul, and Scottie/Joffrey/Steve
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: As hot as it would be, this is made up, NOT TRUE, and never happened. A few details here and there are based on fact.
Timeline: Takes place during the Flyers unoffical practices prior to the start of training camp this year (about 2-3 weeks ago)
Summary: Steve realizes that not all that not much has changed since he first met Scottie and Joffrey during the 2003 World Juniors. They are just as twisted as ever.
Notes: Yes, another threesome fic. I really shouldn't have started this because I have way too many unfinished fics but I couldn't resist. I found out Steve and Scottie rode into the unofficial practice together a few weeks ago. Then someone told me that Steve played with Scottie & Joff during the 2003 World Juniors. This was just begging to be written.

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