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Penalties are only the beginning

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Name:Into the penalty box!
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What happens after the hockey game, stays... well, you get the point.

Let's keep the rules short and sweet, shall we?

  • No non-fic posts without asking. These posts will be deleted.

  • Default posting for all posts is locked to members only. If you would like your fic to be unlocked, you are welcome to edit it to be unlocked once you've posted. If you don't know how to do this, ask.

  • Behave yourself. Constructive criticism is cool, flaming, not so much. One warning, then you're banned for 2 weeks if you're caught flaming someone's fic. If you see someone flaming a fic -- let the mod know, and it'll be dealt with it accordingly.

  • The lj-cut is your friend. If you don't know how to use an lj-cut, please read this. Please don't use any fancy text formatting outside of the lj-cut, that tends to mess up peoples friends pages, and you will be asked to fix it, or risk your post being deleted. Also, if your author's notes take up more than a third of your screen when you view the post in the community -- please move some of them under the cut. We're trying to save space on people's friendslists with this rule, thanks!

  • Don't delete or screen comments made to your posts. If you don't like their content, get in touch w/the mods, but it is not ok to delete/screen other people's comments. Mods will step in if things get out of hand.

  • No community promos in general community posts. There is a monthly "promotional" post available for your use (post promos, etc in comments) and that post is located here.

  • Stories linking to friends-only posts in your personal journal will be deleted. If we can't all read it, it's not staying up. You can f'lock posts in the community to your heart's content.

  • Please use fic headers -- at least tell us who, what rating, maybe a summary if you're inclined.

  • Use tags. We like tags. But please, to save your moderator's sanity -- use existing tags as much as possible! There's a limit of 1000 tags, and we're really close to that limit these days.

  • Obviously -- hockey should be involved somehow. You figure out how.

  • Yes, it's called "2 Minutes for Slashing" but if you post het fic, we won't come after you with pitchforks, we promise! (aka anything you write is welcome here, so long as it's somehow hockey related)

  • Most importantly, have some fun! Why are we here if not for fun, right?

If you're looking for a certain type of fic, feel free to browse our tags list for something that might catch your eye.

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